Well it took almost seven years but I have decided to continue.  Continue what you might ask?  Just continue.  Not suicidal or anything but there must be more to being here than mediocrity that provides comfort and an easier life. I choose sacrifice and to be challenged and to be uncomfortable.  So with that in mind  I have a question?Is this a Trump nation full of haters, bigots, racist and sexists or is this still a land of Hope and liberty ?  or was it ever ?

I’m one of the many dissenting voices.  The audible melee of discontent that pervades social media.  I am currently, humming. Humming with anger and hurt and rejection. I am hurt by the insipid hatred seeping into my social media feed;  I am hurt by the lack of concern by people who look like my neighbors and I feel rejected by a country that I believed for the most part all of what it is currently displaying was behind it and is now saying “uh huh no niggaa”. So yes, I got catfished by America and the American dream.

I did not want Hilary to win. I did not want Trump to win.  I wanted America to win though.  I  suppose half did, or should I say a third did.  I am a permanent resident here, a Brit and as such I do have options. I cannot vote in a general election but my options are live here or there.  Yet my options seem to be dwindling in this current myopic climate.  Brexit happened.  Trump happened. Now if I go back to the UK, what do I meet with?  Rising hatred on either side of the Atlantic,  hatred for the other. The Muslim other, the polish other, and here the Latino or Mexican other.  Hands up worst hard place and rock to be between. Ever

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